Who are we?

Lasting Moments is a professional photo booth service that is designed specifically for parties such as weddings, proms, reunions, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc. You name it, anywhere there is gathering of people looking to have a good time we are a perfect addition. What makes Lasting Moments Photo Booth so special, is that it is a professional grade photo booth that is very affordable with no sacrifice to quality. You can easily spend over $1000 for what LM Booth offers for way less. That does not even including the additional discounts that are available to make Epic Services even more affordable.

Why we're amazing

High quality prints

With our Booth you get high quality prints with the industry standard dye subliminal printing.

Large or small both size

Although LM Photo Booth has a very compact design, if you feel that a smaller photo booth is more appropriate for your event we also offer a smaller version which takes up less space.

Multiple picture layouts

LM Services gives your guests the choice between different layouts to keep them engaged and entertained the entire night. When your guest enters the booth they are greeted with a very friendly user interface, giving them the option to choose between the classic photo strip style, or the more modern 4x6" postcard style print. To take it a step further we have added into our software the ability for your guests to get their pictures printed in either color or black and white.

Compact design

The compact design of our Booth allows you to have the larger design in more venues.

Custom event branding

To help your guests remember your special occasion there is custom event branding on each print out. It can have the standard layout with the name of the event, date, time, place, etc... However if you have something else in mind then we can have that instead.

Touch screen interface

With our Booth you get a 22" touch screen interface, that provides a live video feedback of you so you can make sure your pictures are perfect every time.

Fits 10+ people

Fit 10+ people into the photo booth for a some very memorable moments.

Costumes & props

Masks, boas, hats, strange accessories, etc... will make your guests photo booth experience something to remember.

Digital copies of all your photos

You will receive a digital copy all of your guest's pictures. We do not reserve any copyrights to your pictures so you can share however you wish.

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